Saturday, 11 June 2016

Louth Revisited - Video

Car video of Thursday's visit, just over 9 minutes. This time I took a different route.
Essentially the video is in five parts.

1) Leaving the countryside and through the outskirts. Ending as I go down to a set of traffic light where I turn right towards the centre, and lowest part, of the town.

2) A short section where I meet more traffic lights right next to St. James' Church. Before a bypass was built all traffic moving north / south had to negotiate this narrow road. Imagine what it was like when every heavy vehicle and articulated truck was met head on.

3) Straight on and climb back out of the town to top up with petrol.

4) Back the way I came stopping once more at the lights by the parish church. Notice how many of the older buildings are three stories high which makes the narrow roads seem even narrower.

5) On a bit then turning left to negotiate the one way system through the main shopping area before turning right at the mini roundabout to get to my usual car park.

If you are looking for music for your YouTube videos then do have a look / listen to the free tracks which can be found on the Positively Dark site.

Yesterday's post took about 11 hrs to circulate. I hope this one makes it a bit faster.


  1. This is wonderfully stable. I must think about a video camera. The 5D II really is looking very dated.
    I am getting music from YouTube at the moment they have plenty of classical stuff on there. AUDIOLIBRARY
    I'll check out Positively Dark but as things stand I have more music than video.

    1. Adrian: Stability is all down to the fantastic free app, Hyperlapse, I use on the iPod Touch. Looks like choosing music on YouTube is a lot easier than when I last tried a few years ago.

    2. Ta John, I'll try Hyperlapse again although it isn't free for 64bit Windows but the pro version will accept footage from anything.
      If you like the YOUTUBE sound save the link or it will take thirty minutes to locate the archive from your YouTube account.

    3. Adrian: If I remember correctly the iOS app works so well as it uses information from the iPhone or iPod built in magnetometer to record changes in movement along with the video. That is then used when the video is processed.

  2. Thanks - another delightful trip!


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