Thursday, 16 June 2016

Seven Days To Go

Unlike Nick Clegg and Dodgy Dave I stick to my pledges

I see that Switzerland is apparently withdrawing its application to join the EU.
A Google translation of part of the document:

Not only can we show that the EU is not the alpha and omega of the political system and that there are other much better solutions, but that is precisely what we do. Statistics say in fact all the same thing in terms of innovation, quality of life, competitiveness, leverage, stability, and in many other areas, Switzerland literally sinking (in) the EU . Quite simply, there is no valid reason to enter the EU. On the contrary, if it was a member, Switzerland would become a net contributor of a rotten carcass, and our people's rights would be only a memory.


  1. Very wise are the Swiss but spare a thought for all our MPs. Where else can the useless, lying, parasites get an overpaid sinecure of a position if we vote out.
    Some of us think only of ourselves.
    This is really good fun it's retribution by the people for decades of dishonesty, greed and incompetence by representatives who have at best a 40% mandate to rule, most around 30% and the upper house no mandate at all. I think a referendum every year would be a good thing.
    I just hope that they can prove the count was honest. If there is doubt then a few years hard labour for any malefactors would not go amiss.

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    2. Adrian: Saw an interesting YouTube video which details how the Norwegians were fed the same scaremongering lies before they voted not to join. I have some choice YouTube videos lined up for the next few days. Doing my bit for the Leave cause.


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