Sunday, 11 September 2016

A First For My Pond

Pottering round the garden I suddenly noticed a pair of Common Darter Dragonflies. I have often seen them singly but this was the first time of seeing a pair together. Had to dash in to grab the Canon as the pocket Nikon would never have focussed on them:


Not only that but the female kept dipping her 'tail' in the water:


Which I assume meant she was depositing eggs:


I was able to grab a few seconds of video before they moved on:

Here's hoping the pond is now a breeding ground for Dragonflies as well as Damselflies. Not forgetting the frogs and newts which also breed there.


  1. A fertile place, your pond! Just think of the opportunities in the spring next year to see the larvae, exuviae, and newly emerged dragons!

  2. Many years ago I had a garden pond in which there was a huge number of newts.
    They used to winter under the stones in the rockery and gave us hours of pleasure.

    1. Weaver: It's great when wild life choose to stay near.

  3. hooray for more mosquito eaters on the way!

    1. TWG: They do seem to spend a lot of time hunting down insects.


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