Monday, 20 November 2017

Goodbye Leylandii - Part Three

It is fortunate there is a public footpath next to my garden as that gave the Green Cuts guys somewhere to drop a lot of the branches though it was still a tight space avoiding next door's fence and greenhouse. Nor was there much of a landing drop space in my garden between the fruit cage and the garden pond:

DSCN7873     IMG_1273b

This view gives some idea of the task:

It wasn't until I had a closer look at some of the stills used to make the time-lapse I noticed that to be safe some of the cut branches had been lowered to the ground:


Some general shots of the guys at work:







Needless to say there was a veritable mountain of chippings to dispose of.
This truck ferried three loads on the first day alone:


Plenty of wood too thick for chipping, much of which some neighbours took for burning:


Originally I was going to have the stump taken down to about four feet in height but when it had reached this stage I decided I liked it as a natural sculpture to take the bareness off that corner of the garden:


So that was the end of two and a half days hard physical labour on their part.
All that remains is for me to pay the bill when it arrives.


  1. I hope you have an idea of the bill. It's a good job. Better than we would manage but having said that it would have taken us four hours. Ten minutes of which would be starting the 1m chain saw , bloody Stihl's last about two years and need a rebuild. Never the same after a rebuild but that may be my fault. We did get a couple of Chinese copies which lasted a week. I am thinking of rebuilding them properly. I would prefer the powers in charge of the purse strings to get a Honda. Honda make perfect stuff.

  2. Adrian: Oh yes, I knew in advance what the cost would be. I was given a quotation in writing. The restricted space and the need to take it down in sections governed the time taken. I have no doubt the neighbours are pleased that 2 1/2 days of shredding branches has finally finished! If it had been in the open, like a field, then it would have been a much quicker and easier job.

  3. Big job done well and big change for your garden.

  4. Bit changes for your garden andI guess the neighbours have more light in their rooms too.

  5. Amazing. They did a fantastic job for you - and the neighbours. We had a whole row of Leylandii chopped down but they were nowhere near as big as those. So much light and air after that!

  6. It looks like a very good job. Some years ago we had to take down a very large gum tree on our place in NSW, We got a quote from one firm who wanted in excess of $3 thousand plus a "cherry picker" to work from - a second quote was from a guy who wanted no extra machinery and simply went up the tree himself with ropes and his chain saw - less than $2 thousand- and did a perfect safe job and clean-up!


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