Wednesday, 20 December 2017

A Sunrise and a Scare Car

Just a narrow band of colour for the Sunrise over Manby yesterday:


Is this the 21st Century version of a Scarecrow - a Scarecar?
Seen in the middle of a field along with billowing fabric:


Can't say I've seen this idea before. Is the fabric on poles meant to give an impression of people I wonder?  Certainly there were no Wood Pigeons to be seen nearby for a change.

There are still the usual gas cannons going off round the village. This is the first year Penny has taken little notice of them. She normally reacts badly to sudden loud noises and usually tries to bolt but seems to have got used to them after four years..


  1. It is for scaring geese off. car wrecks in fields seem to work here.

    1. Adrian: Geese are very rare visitors locally. Wood Pigeons and Gulls are. Interesting to see today - that field is an L shape. The part with the car had no birds, the other part had dozens of gulls.

  2. The car doesn't look in good shape so maybe it is a to scare off birds. A new one for me.

    1. Dave: It looks to be a battered old banger and seems to be doing a grand job at scaring birds off that part of the field. Farmers round here seem to keep trying different ideas. I suppose birds soon get used to one thing.

  3. It all looks a bit odd to me. Are you sure there is no tramp sleeping in it?


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