Thursday, 18 January 2018

The New Propagator

As I mentioned a few days ago I have invested in a new propagator mainly to keep my miniature orchids and Lithops (living stones) safe and happy during the Winter in my unheated conservatory:


This is a Vitopod Large heated propagator, double height. I also have an extra set of parts to add a third section to the height if any plants get too large for the present set up. Size is 38 x 110 x 39 cm high. A heating element is built in the base which I was surprised to find is only 100W but seems to be very efficient. Unlike most of the rather flimsy ones I have had in the past this is made from substantial UV treated plastic with plenty of adjustable ventilation on both top and sides.

Though the propagator comes with its own controller to maintain the temperature I decided to use my home made one which is a bit more versatile. I have set that up to maintain the minimum temperature between 12 and 15C. It's the black box underneath which is only showing the number 3 as the digits are multiplexed (shown briefly in very quick succession) so the fast camera speed only saw one digit.

I wrote about it HERE.


  1. That's exciting! Looks like a perfect way to protect and encourage plant growth in your special plants. Kind of like a miniature greenhouse, would you say?

  2. Looks perfect. I have a rev counter that is similarly wired.


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