Saturday, 2 June 2018

Going Slow

Adrian asked me what the video is like on the iPhone 6s.

Standard video can be recorded at 720p or 1080p HD
Also built in is a slow motion mode:
1080p at 120 frames per second and 720p at 240 frames per second.
Some modes are auto stabilised.

This is my first attempt at moving in close with slow motion set at 240 fps:

Soundtrack music by Christian Bjoerklund from the Free Music Archive.

Wondering whether these are the bees which took over the nestbox.
Love the one which videobombed the action in the last clip.
I can see me having great fun with this mode in the Summer.
Haven't worked out yet as to why the motion speeds up at the end of each clip.

For standard video the lens is quite wide angle, as with most mobile phones.
I've just had a quick go with that.
Also built in are time lapse video and panorama stills modes.


  1. This is very impressive. Was it on a tripod?
    The hours I have spent messing with targets in Blender to stabilise video and all with mediocre results.
    It must know to pick high contrast targets which is very bright. The focus is acceptable and perfect of the chives.....I'm very envious.
    I thought it a bit blurry at first then realised I was watching at 140p. Bloody internet.

    1. Adrian: Hand held. Original quality, sharpness is better. As usual YouTube degraded the quality. Being so close meant a shallow depth of field. It would probably be better if I back off a bit.

  2. It is truly magnificent. Not for me as I like the software side.....All the messing to no good effect.


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