Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Sunrise, Moon and Venus

Yesterday morning dawned cold and frosty with a fairly clear sky.
Ideal to see Venus which was shining as bright as the Moon.
Both appearing close together in the morning sky.

Moon and Venus DSCN9245

Venus is the tiny white dot near the top, right of centre.
To the naked eye it looked really bright.

With the temperature at 0C and an icy lane it was time to use my shoes which have ice spikes fitted for the first time this back end.

Frosty Bin

2018-12-04-10.49.25 ZS PMax2

Wheelie bin lid covered in frost.
Canon 50D + macro lens. 11 stacked photos


  1. Always good to see. I doubt it is visible today it looks foggy out and damn cold.

    1. Adrian: No chance here today. Back to normal - wet, wet, wet.

  2. The moon and Venus were beautiful here, too. I tried to get a shot, but nothing worth keeping. Yours, however, is beautiful, as is the frost on the wheelie bin.

    1. Wilma: Thank you. I was lucky that the view from my front gate with the bit of Sunrise colour made it more interesting.


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