Friday, 21 June 2019


It is quite rare to see gulls close up in the village.


Herring Gulls, I think, by the size and colouring, though silent so possibly Common Gulls.
I often see them soaring high over the village or following ploughs in nearby fields.
Yesterday two of them spent a few minutes flying around just above roof height and occasionally swooping down to ground level on the footpath just beyond my fence. Must have been something tasty there but I didn't see them fly off with anything.

Wednesday evening saw me having to visit A&E in Grimsby. Very high potassium levels again from the morning blood tests. The A&E department was overflowing with customers so not a fast process, but efficient once they got going. Total time from booking in to leaving was about four and a half hours so I didn't arrive back home until after midnight.  Lots of tests showed the potassium levels were already lower but this time the cause has been found - a side effect of one of the prescribed tablets I have been taking at night. A pity Louth hospital didn't spot that three months ago though to be fair Grimsby has a much larger hospital with specialists in a variety of departments. Maybe now we can get things back to normal with a change of medication.


  1. I hope they have you sorted now. I am grateful that I have resisted the temptation to go near medical folk unless it's for something simple like stitches or a broken bone. I do feel rough but from what I see the medication can be both a cure and a cause.

  2. Lovely gulls and I am glad they finally found out what was causing the high potassium levels. From a purely selfish point of view - look after yourself! I need your interesting posts and your sane and sensible views! Thanks!!

  3. Sorry about your long hospital wait John - not uncommon round here where are hospitals are distant too. Don't know about gulls but I do know that if anything is happening in the fields they appear 'as if by magic' within seconds.


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