Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Weather Station Update

Information from the weather station I have been using since December 2014 has been erratic for the past few months.


Sometimes when it was teeming down with rain it would record nothing. Every so often the clock would jump to a random time. Also the temperature measurements would suddenly jump up or down several degrees.  A few months ago I took it apart to give it a thorough cleaning and could see the rain gauge had overflowed and soaked most of the electronics and sensors. That is one problem with having everything contained in a single enclosure.

I spent a few weeks perusing various sites and reading reviews with the aim of buying a new weather station. Two of my main considerations were the use of rechargeable batteries on the outside unit, charged in situ, and the ability to send the data to the Wunderground (Weather Underground) weather site.

In the end I chose the 'Ventus Colour Weather Station with WiFi Internet Connection' from the Weatherspares site.

weather DSCN0100

Indoor display (sorry about the reflections)
All digits are white. Only the forecast graphic is in colour.

weather DSCN0102

It was dispatched and arrive by courier within a couple of days and took little time to complete the small amount of assembly needed, power it up and make sure the outdoor unit was 'talking' to the indoor display. A free app had to be downloaded to my phone to enable the display to connect to the internet and enable a connection to the Wunderground weather site. Once I had found my way round the menu system on the display I adjusted the barometric pressure reading to a close match to the readings shown on the Met Office weather maps.

The WS View app is available on Apple and Google app stores.
It can also show the present day's readings from the Wunderground weather site.
To view historical data the web site has to be used.

WS View

Click on the above collage to see it larger on my Flickr account.

As well as sending data to Wunderground it could also send it to Weathercloud and / or WOW (Met Office Weather Observation Website).

Initially I had inserted Ni-MH rechargeables in the outside unit but by the mornings the display was showing them as about quarter charge even after some decent Sunlight the days before. One of the problems with Ni-Cad and NiMH AA cells is they are only 1.2V whereas alkaline cells are 1.5V. Fortunately I got round to removing the batteries from the old weather station and had forgotten they were:


Rechargeable alkaline cells are not so common but they are 1.5V. Even though they had been in continuous use for five years they were still holding their charge so I put them in the new weather station and they seem to be working just fine.


  1. I miss my weather station. This looks perfect.

  2. My weather station has packed up so I'll be interested in any comments you have on this one. It look good.

    1. Dave: It's only been running for about ten days so early yet. So far it is working perfectly and seems pretty accurate. As I said I have it connected to the Weather Underground site but I think it can be run as a stand alone unit. The outdoor unit is about 60 feet away from the base display and there are two brick walls in between but the signal received shows full strength. Only time will tell how well it stands up to extreme weather conditions. Overall I am delighted with it. There are no graphs on the display but it does have little arrows to indicate rising, stable and falling temperatures and pressure. It can display max and minimum temps and rainfall totals for day, week or month. If you have any specific question I will do my best to answer them.


Thank you for visiting. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Any comment, or correction to any information or identification I get wrong, is most welcome. John

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