Wednesday, 14 October 2020

Smart Roadster

Initially I hadn't a clue what this rather swish sporty looking car is


Can't say I have ever noticed one of these before, especially in the village. A search of the number plate at least told me it is a Smart Roadster 80 though who makes them and where I haven't a clue.


Not my idal car nowadays but 50 years ago I would have been happy to own one though I would probably have struggled finding the money to insure it.


  1. Mercedes John. They were fun looking but not very reliable, semi auto box that had a mind of it's own. Slow to boot. I hired the 4+4 and it was two wheel drive! Bloody Germans were referring to the seating capacity. I bought a Honda Civic R. Reasonably quick and if I remember it only cost a couple of grand more. Mind the Civic had a couple of thou on the clock when I got it. Never buy new is my mantra.

    1. Adrian: Agree with your last sentiment. Only bought one new car. It gave me more problems than any of the s/h car's I've owned.


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