Wednesday, 13 January 2021

A Frosty Microscope

It seems yonks since I set up the LCD microscope for a session.


As a frost was forecast for this morning I thought it would be different to see the frost close up instead of pretty photos of frosty plants. To have the longest possible time to adjust the microscope focus before any frosty object thawed I set things up in the unheated greenhouse. The microscope being powered by a 5V power bank. Even so the crystals started to melt almost immediately. Anyway here are a few captures at varied magnification:




There were a few crystal spikes but they melted too fast to get a decent photo.


  1. Not too shabby at all. Certainly better than I've ever achieved.

  2. Looks like diamonds! My middle son is a medical researcher who does microscopic surgery on mice (they are studying the heart and how to repair a heart after a heart attack). The mouse heart is very, very tiny.
    Your photo reminded me of this.


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