Monday, 11 October 2021

Then There Were Two

About a week ago the camera covering the bird feeders recorded some night visits from a very unwelcome visitor. The sort with brown fur and a very long tail. Fascinating watching the ease with which a rat can climb up a vertical post. Needless to say I then started to put the feeders away each night and provide Mr Ratty with his own special food safely positioned under a shed. After a few days I could see it had taken the bait and I disposed of one ex rat. Hopefully things are back to normal now.

On the more welcome front I see there are now two Magpies visiting the feeders. They are not very tolerant of other birds trying to feed at the same time. At about 3min 15sec in you can see how one deals with a Wood Pigeon.

Most of the bird sounds seem to be coming from Starlings who are not happy at having to wait their turn.


  1. Glad you got two Magpies as a pair bring joy and one brings endless distress.
    Good to see the Wood pigeon getting some grief.
    We poison rats here but we also shoot them. They aren't a problem if you keep on top of their numbers but it's an uphill struggle. If we had a grain silo it would help. Pity that rats don't eat wood pigeons or visa versa.

  2. Adrian: I had meant to include the Magpie song / rhyme and promptly forgot. I was tickled by the way the Magpie seemed to line up its beak and take aim at the Wood Pigeon.
    It seems to be the time of year when rats to move off the local fields. I like to make sure they get prompt attention before they get too settled and start breeding locally.

    1. The dogs used to see to them but they are too old now. Moll will be fifteen next week and Alf is a couple of years younger. Too old for ratting.
      The bloody mice will be migrating inside soon, must get some poison boxes in the balers and combine or all the wires will be chewed and nothing will work.

  3. Those magpies sure are bossy and greedy! Enjoyed the video! Thanks!


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