Saturday 18 March 2023

An Open Pitcher

It has taken nine days but the flower on the Pitcher plant has gone from this

Pitcher Plant

to this

Pitcher Plant open flower

Three of the petals fell off to expose the inside of the flower and its bright yellow pollen. What was fascinating to me was the part which looks like an upside down umbrella. The petals which fell off appear to have been 'guarding' the gap until it was fully ripe.

Pitcher Plant open flower

From the angle of the second new photo you can see this 'umbrella' is growing from the centre of the flower. I guess it leaves a gap just large enough for whatever insect pollinates it in the wild.

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  1. Gosh, John, that's amazing! I have never seen a plant like that. Great photos and explanation about what I am seeing. So unusual and beautiful.


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