Wednesday 28 February 2024

Bamboo Camera Bird Feeder

This is the camera which took the photo of me relaxing yesterday.


It comes with the Birdfy Camera Bamboo Bird Feeder.


It is not the cheapest of camera feeders. Built of sturdy (and heavy) Bamboo wood it has two containers so you can give the birds a choice of food. The camera has a built in battery which is kept charged by the solar panel which comes with it.


My choice of fixing position was not ideal but it was the best place to let it connect to my router as it automatically uploads 20 second movies each time it detects a movement. These are stored for up to 30 days on the Birdfy server. They can be accessed using the Birdfy app which also has access to live view watching. Uploaded clips can be downloaded to the mobile phone.

A view of the feeder. The small black thing, top left, is the solar panel. I use the large solar panel to charge a small power bank.


Tomorrow I will show some video of its first birdy visitor.

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