Thursday 29 February 2024

The First Visitor

The camera feeder is in rather an out of the way position but it took less than two hours for the first brave visitor to inspect it. What was it? Just think which common garden bird is always close by when there is anything happening when you are gardening. The Robin.

It was very cautious at first but as the only visitor so far it now has its own private source of food. I am seriously thinking about moving the feeder to near the bottom of the garden. There is plenty of bird activity there plus lots of trees and bushes as safe places for them.



A Blackbird has finally found the feeder. Things are looking up.


  1. That is a super purchase and lovely to see close ups of the robin as it feeds.

    1. RR: Thank you. Ther more I use it the better I like it. So far I have seen Robin, male and female Blackbirds and a House Sparrow. It is slowly catching on.


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