Monday, 25 July 2016


Recently it was the annual Village Summer Show. As in previous years there was a scarecrow competition. This year the theme was 'A Personality'. These were two of the entries from people living locally:







A couple of the classic cars on display:



I was hoping the birds of prey would be there again this year but that wasn't to be.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Another Muntjac Deer Sighting

Taking our usual mid afternoon route it was a nice surprise when I glanced down a recently cleared public footpath and spotted a Muntjac deer. It was well down the path and stopped a while watching us.

What the camera could see even on full zoom:


Fortunately one shot was well enough in focus to be able to crop for a better view:


As is usual in such situations all that could be see most of the time was a back end:


We continued with our walk and I had another look on the return journey. The deer was still there so I decided to try creeping closer for a better shot. Unfortunately a dog in a nearby garden chose that moment to bark and the deer disappeared in a flash.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Viewed From Above and Below

Saw this moth on the outside of the kitchen window this morning:


Not a brilliant photo through two sheets of glass.

Went outside hoping it would stay still while I got a top yiew:


I must admit, much as I hate moths, this one was very pretty.
It was about 25mm across.
It appears to be a Geometridae moth but which one I don't know.

Looks as though it is going to be an expensive day.
The dishwasher was emitting a nasty smell this morning.
That odour you get when electrical wiring is well above its working temperature.
By the clunking from it I guess a solenoid is past its use by date.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

A Swallow of Sorts

In a way it's been a moth day. As we were getting ready for our early morning walkies I spotted a beautiful ginger coloured moth. Unfortunately I forgot about it when we returned and by the time I went looking it was nowhere to be seen.

I had more luck with our final walkabout. When we reached the cricket field I could see the gang mower was there, along with his two dogs racing about. A sharp about turn and off in the opposite direction. On one garden hedge something caught my eye:


Fortunately the little Nikon can get within a few inches for a close shot:


A Swallow-tailed moth Ourapteryx sambucaria. As the larvae feed on privet, hawthorn and blackthorn it was in the right place as there seems to be a mixture of all three along that hedge.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

The Great Cover-up Begins

No, I'm not referring to Deserter Dave or Mediocre May but to the temporary cover being erected over the village church roof. Last Friday:


No work done on Monday as there was a very strong breeze all day.
Today the covering has resumed:


Monday, 11 July 2016

Itsy-bitsy Spider

When I went to the greenhouse to check on the tomato plants I spotted a new thread about four feet long. A quick examination brought to view one of the smallest spiders I have seen spinning its web. A quick dash to grab the macro camera set up and found both batteries flat. Fortunately I had a couple of spares ready charged so I was soon back in the greenhouse trying to grab a hand held macro shot:


It was a problem to find it in the viewfinder, never mind trying to focus on it but I did manage one more reasonable shot as it was more interested in weaving its web than posing for a photo shoot:


Legs spread it can't have been more than 5mm across.
If it hadn't been moving I doubt I would have noticed it.

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Any Puddle Will Do

We often see Blackbirds and House Sparrows taking advantage of puddles down the lane as bathing areas. I try to get the occasional photo but usually by the time I have zoomed in and pressed the shutter the birds have flown, as with this Sparrow:


Today one particular male Blackbird was made of hardier stuff and watched to see how close we were going to get:


We stopped a short distance away and Mr. Blackbird concluded it was safe to carry on:


I don't blame him as the temperature was about 24C with a strong warm breeze. Once we started to approach again he watched us ....


... until we got too close for comfort. He then flew a short distance away. Once we had passed I looked back and he had returned to finish his disturbed ablutions.
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