Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy New Year .. Partial Eclipse of the Moon .. Squirrel Flicks for Friday


Sending one and all very best wishes for 2010

As well as tonight, New Year's Eve, being a Once in a Blue Moon event (the second full Moon in the same month) there was also a partial eclipse of the Moon at about 7.21 p.m. which could be seen from Europe. I had hoped for the clear skies which were forecast for much of the UK but it has been very cloudy most of the day. In fact there was a light snowfall an hour or so ago. Near the allotted time I took the cameras outside in the hopes of being able to photograph the event. I had no idea how much of an eclipse it was going to be. Fortunately the clouds cleared enough to see the Moon and the Earth's shadow only touched a very small area near the bottom right of the Moon.

Moon Partial Eclipse

 This is one of the first pieces of video I took with my first camcorder. An old 8mm Samsung job bought from the local branch of Cash Converters. This video was hand held so is a bit on the wobbly side and shows a Grey Squirrel which used to visit my garden nearly every day.

A really big THANK YOU to all who have visited my blog during 2009. When I started it in mid January I had no idea which direction it would take me or whether anyone would visit to see what I had been up to. The experience has been an eye opener, meeting so many new friends and seeing so many great blogs which I try to keep up with. I wish you all a great year ahead.


  1. That's a great capture of the eclipse John. The clouds parted perfectly. A good omen for the New Year I think.
    All the best.

  2. Thank you Keith. I had hoped for more of an eclipse but there is always another time. It was fortunate the clouds parted just enough to see the Moon.

  3. Hi John, didn't realise there would be apartial eclipse tonight, although I did see the moon rise. All the best for 2010......I've really enjoyed your posts. We had a grey squirrel on the bird table today.

  4. Happy New Year! We have 8 hours to go, but it should just be flipping over into your new year. How wonderful that you captured the blue moon with an eclipsed corner! By the looks of the weather here, which is very overcast, I doubt the moon will be visible, but I'll check just in case!

    Cute little squirrel video :)

  5. A good omen indeed John. Cloud ceiling here down to about fifty feet. So no chance of the moon. All the best.

  6. Thank you Phil. It was a disappointingly small eclipse. Haven't seen a squirrel in the garden for months now. Don't know what has happened to the local ones.

  7. Happy New Year to you also Glo. It was clear and frosty here by daybreak with the Moon still in view.

  8. Thank you Adrian. All that cloud eventually brought some snow.

  9. Keep it up, John! I have very much enjoyed your posts during the past year. Great shot of the partial eclipse. I stuck my head the front door to see the blue moon at about 11:00, but the frigid temps precluded any photography (I was being particularly wimpy and could hear the fire in the fireplace calling my name ...).


  10. Thank you for that kind comment Wilma. It was a bit cold out there! I got some video as well but with such a small partial eclipse it didn't show very well.


Thank you for visiting. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Any comment, or correction to any information or identification I get wrong, is most welcome. John

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