Monday, 5 April 2010

Could This be Honey?

Last night, and the night before, a Hedgehog and Bobby came face to prickles. Instead of curling up in a ball the Hedgehog ran for shelter with its head hidden and only a rump full of spikes showing. This is what Honey did every time they met last year. Henry the Hedgehog always stood his ground and only ran once any danger was past.

Honey and Bobby had met while she was on her way to the feeder but that didn't put her off for long.  The bowl isn't full of red wine - it is just the way the light reflects from the bottom of the plant pot saucer.


  1. John heart warming footage.
    We have yet to see one this year. have to watch Molly with these. She flips them over and a quick shout of 'Nice One' ensures there survival.

  2. It could well be John. I'm sure she'd remember where it's safe, and a good food supply.

  3. Hello Adrian. I have to watch Bobby as his hunting instinct cuts in if they make a run for it.

  4. Hello Keith. So hard to tell as that one seems to have no distinguishing marks.


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