Friday, 9 April 2010

Friday at the Flicks (Goldies, Ladybirds, Hedgehogs)

The Goldfinches rarely use the feeder near the kitchen these days preferring the one near the bottom of the garden. As usual the noisy sparrows have to make themselves heard.

There were lots of seven spot ladybirds in the garden yesterday. This couple were doing their bit to make sure there will be a constant supply of hungry Ladybirds to keep down the aphids. I found a fascinating description of the mating ritual of the Ladybird on Andres Rasmussen's blog HERE. Wow - they can keep it up for up to four and a half hours!

At least one Hedgehog is visiting each night now. I can't make my mind up whether there are two or three different ones.

I have a feeling that the Blue Tits have chosen to nest somewhere else as there has been only one very short visit in the past fortnight.

Bobby sends a big sloppy 'thank you' to all who sent him birthday wishes. Have a great weekend watching the wildlife around you.


  1. We are just back had forgotten it was Friday. Good job you posted the Goldfinch, saved me looking it up, beautiful birds.

  2. I'm coming back as a Ladybird!

    Great clips John. Have a good weekend.

  3. You say Goldies, and I automatically think of Golden Retrievers... and was wondering what they were doing in your back garden! Great shots!

  4. Pleased to have been some use in life Adrian.

  5. Now then Keith, think of the old ticker ;)

  6. Thank you Matron. It makes a difference when the Sun decides to shine.


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