Friday, 23 April 2010

Friday at the Flicks (Tadpoles, Lambs, Mistle Thrush)

What a difference ten days makes. The tadpoles are growing well with plenty of algae to feed on. I wonder when the back legs will start appearing. (Taken with the Lumix)

Yesterday we took a different route behind the cricket field to get nearer the lambs. That meant crossing one style which Bobby, after a bit of trembling and sizing up, managed to leap. On the way back though he scrambled over it rather than jumping. (Taken with the Lumix, hand held)

Finally the nearest I've got to identifying the bird whose song has been echoing over the village nearly every morning for a month or more. It was a long way away on a high roof top, recorded about 7 in the morning and needed every bit of the 70x zoom on the Panasonic camcorder. I am pretty sure this is a Mistle Thrush.

Here's hoping for a sunny warm weekend so we can all enjoy the sights and sounds of the wildlife around us.


  1. Just in time to accompany my breakfast. It really was a good buy that camera.

  2. Hello Adrian. Well, it makes a change from endless election coverage on the idiot lantern.
    It is quite a versatile little camera and so convenient to carry around. I have been experimenting with the bracketing. There is a choice of +/- 1/3, 2/3 or 1. The only problem seems to be it needs setting every time I switch the camera on.

  3. Safer that way John, the number of times I've left mine on bracket. I would definitely go for one if they did waterproof. seems so much more capable than the baby Olympus.

  4. Good morning John, great to see you've been out and about with your camera again. I do enjoy seeing reviews of cameras like this too. You've got some great images with it so far.

    Fav video today has to be the tadpoles once again. Looking forward to seeing them develop. How are your nestboxes doing? Anymore action there? Great tits were thinking about it were they not? We are seeing blue tits in ours at the moment.

    Thanks, wishing you a good weekend too :-D

  5. Hello Shirl. Just having a rest from digging up dandelions!

    When I am thinking about buying any equipment I always try to find reviews and comments by people who have used it. Let's face it, no manufacturer will detail the faults and awkward aspects of their products.

    The only visitors to the nestbox recently have been a couple of wasps so I guess the birds have chosen somewhere else again. I wonder if they don't like the thickness of the entrance hole. I think I will take the fancy front piece off.

    Hope your weather is as nice and sunny as it is here.

  6. The new camera is performing well John. :)

    And definitely a Mistle Thrush singing in the last.


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