Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Fussy Magpie (video)

First I should point out that the photo of the Collared Dove I showed yesterday was taken with the Canon 50D a while ago. I was lucky. It sat about 15 feet away from me and stayed where it was even as I moved around to get a view with a plain background.

Yesterday morning when I was looking through the early morning video captures I saw this Magpie which didn't seem to approve of the food choices on top of the dish. It spent some time scattering seed about to get at what it wanted at the bottom of the pile.

Early every morning there are visits from Magpies and Rooks filling their crops with food so I guess there are some broods nearby hungry for breakfast. The Magpies return about once a minute so I think their nest can't be too far away.


  1. Suspect you are well ahead of us John. The Rooks are still nest building up here. Got the gen on the camera. Thanks. Still a grand dove.

  2. Hello Adrian. The Starlings are a bit slower here. I've seen several collecting nesting material.

  3. That magpie is as fussy as my hedgehogs!

  4. Hello G.L.W. I watch my hog visitors pick out the dried mealworms. Mind you I put out a mixture to suit both the birds and the Hedgehogs.


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