Saturday, 24 April 2010

Lambs, Fruit to Come, Experiments with HDR, a Yellow Dog

All todays efforts were taken with the Lumix TZ7

There are a few short lanes / tracks left in the village where one can pretend there are no buildings. This one leads to the field where we saw the lambs.



Signs of things to come:
The first strawberry flower (growing in the greenhouse)

Strawberry Flower

The flowers on my dwarf plum tree. It only had two flowers last year but this year things look more promising.

Plum Flowers

Having at last found how to set the bracketing on the Lumix I have experimented taking shots at +/- 2/3 EV and decided to see what the result would be if I processed a couple as HDR using  Photomatrix Pro. Considering the photos were taken hand held the program did a great job of matching the three shots which make up each picture.

A Daffodil (not a lot of difference with this subject)

HDR Image1

A succulent with the low sunlight shining through the plant. (A much better subject)

HDR image tonemapped

Somebody was not amused when I burst out laughing. Bobby had decided to push through a miniature weeping tree which is covered in catkins. Maybe he was doing his impression of a Lincolnshire Yellow Belly.

Change of Colour

It's a good job he doesn't suffer with Hay Fever.


  1. You have the right programme with photomatix. You may be better with the canon. -2EV to +2EV. if you select burst shoot you should get away with handheld. As you have found P'matix have really improved there feature recoginition. If you ever want to tone it down then open the tone mapped image in PS duplicate it and desaturate the top layer then drop the opacity till you are happy.

  2. Now Adrian, don't you go all technical on me ;)

    The Lumix seems somewhat slow taking the 3 photos but I only tried it initially to have a better chance of a decent exposure, especially with closeups. Then I though I would see what Photomatrix would make of them. Sometimes it works well, other times the results are a bit weird but I'm only just starting out with trying different settings in the program.

  3. John, given time a tripod and cable release then the Cannon should do the job. The small sensors and pocket cameras have their place but not when it comes to quality.
    Try inside a church they are beautiful, mostly dog friendly. (One of gods creatures aren't they). Set up and shoot. P'matix will cope with ten shots at least. I like HDR. Not the extreme but the subtle.

  4. I had to chuckle but Bobby doesn't look too pleased, I wonder if he'll make that mistake again? Linda

  5. The camera is doing a grand job in your hands John. I particularly like the succulent.

    Poor old Bobby lol

  6. Hello Linda. To be honest, that was the second time he had turned yellow but not quite as bad the first time.

  7. Thank you Keith. The processing on the succulent (one of the Aloe family I think) did turn out well.

  8. Hi again Adrian. I do have a wireless shutter release for the Canon so I will have to give it a go one day.

  9. I laughed out loud at Bobby's new hair colour! That's funny!

  10. John have a look here
    Not something you may want to emulate but I find it fascinating.

  11. Hello Matron. I think Bobby was the only one who couldn't see the funny side.


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