Monday, 19 April 2010

Lumix TZ7 - part two

This is the TZ7 next to a tape measure to give an idea of its size. You may have to click on the photo and choose 'all sizes' to see it larger.  The little holes on top of the camera are where the stereo microphones are. To me that seems a good idea as wind is not blowing directly in to them. There are different buttons for taking still and movie. For stills it is the large button in the middle of the zoom lever on top of the body. The one for movie shooting is tiny and on the back of the camera.

Lumix LZ7

To give an idea of the zoom range here are two shots from the same place. First at wide angle and second at maximum zoom. The same tree can be seen in both shots. It is the small one just right of centre in the wide angle view.

Lumix LZ7 wide angle

Lumix LZ7 full zoom

I was hoping to photograph the lambs but there was a cricket match in progress so I took a couple of shots of that. This is a crop and shows the only 'problem' I have found. Brilliant white can get over saturated but the camera has facilities for adjusting exposure and taking bracket shots so it will be a case of learning which adjustments are best. User preferences can be stored as MS1 and MS2 on the dial. Also there is a burst mode which can be useful for those wildlife shots.


Finally, I know some are bursting to see what the photographer looks like so here is a shot of the photographer in action.

The Photographer at Work

Have fun with whatever camera you use.


  1. Moe useful info...thanks. Helen

  2. John,
    This camera looks like it does a great job. I recently bought the Canon G7 and it awes me everyday with the photos I get from it.

  3. Lumix cameras are wonderful, John. I use a Lumix FZ28 for virtually all of my natural history picture making these days. My Nikon DSLR and it's lenses and my little Nikon Coolpix and digiscoping kit hardly ever see the light of day. I really can't be bothered to carry so much about these days and the FZ28 does almost everything I ask of it. Good luck and I hope you enjoy the new camera.

  4. Hello Randy. Things have improved greatly since I bought my first pocket digital camera.

  5. Hello Emma. The LZ28 looks to be a great camera with its 18x zoom and you certainly get great results from it.

  6. John does it have RAW capture and is it waterproof? The results speak for themselves. They are good. All digital is like shooting transparencies there is a lack of dynamic range. Bracket shooting is OK but you need a tripod and the ability to decide your own EV steps. A good purchase me thinks.

  7. Hello Adrian. No and no. No RAW and far from waterproof. Bracket shooting is +-1EV
    I think it is good value for £200 +/- depending on the supplier and perfect for those unexpected opportunities when I just want a pocket camera with me.

  8. John, I got the FZ38 as a second camera but soon realized it wasn't something I could keep with me all the time and it doesn't compare at all to my dslr. Given that if I know I'll be in with a chance of wildlife photography, I'll have the big camera with me, I took it back yesterday and swapped it for a TZ7.

    It makes more sense for me, I've had a TZ1 for a few years and it's been great for those unexpected opportunities. Judging by your first results, I think I'll be keeping hold of this one!

  9. Hello Paul. It's a question of horses for courses really. I prefer to keep the 100-400mm zoom on the Canon but that isn't always convenient to carry around. The Panasonic looked to be a good compromise as a compact pocket camera and will fill in the macro facility the Canon lens doesn't have. The added bonus is the ability to take decent video. Considering the price and the quality I think the Panasonic is very good value for money.

  10. Hi there John, interesting timing to read of your new pocket camera purchase. You’ve supplied an excellent review for others interested in cameras :-D

    My (more bulky) Canon powershot is playing up at the moment – it has started asking for new batteries after a short time of use. I had taken to carrying it tucked in a corner of my bag. I was actually warming to it too! I’ve not had time to research the problem but a quick search now suggests there could be a known problem here. Will need to look into it now – thanks for the reminder.

    Enjoy your new camera. It definitely sounds like a winner for you ticking many boxes :-D

  11. Hello Shirl. I wonder whether the battery is coming to the end of its useful life. There is a limit to how many times they can be recharged. Some makers give a limit of about 400 charges.

  12. Hi again John, this camera only takes AA's unfortunately so I'm guessing this is a different problem I have. BTW just browsing again now and page loads have speeded up considerably :-D

  13. Hi Shirl. OK re the batteries.

    Having found that the speed problem is not an isolated one I have gone back to one of the old style layouts.


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