Wednesday, 14 April 2010

The Predictable and the Unpredictable

Since the Hedgehogs came out of their winter hibernation period it is entirely predictable that one, and sometimes two, will visit the garden every night. What is unpredictable about them is the timing as they can be as early as 10 pm or as late as 4 am.

Completely unpredictable is the activity around the Blue Tit nestbox. I had given up on the idea that it would be used this year as it has been over two weeks since the last visit but there they were this morning. One inside the box but the other only went as far as the entrance.

A still snapshot from the video clip.

Blue Tit Nestbox

The video clip. Sometimes it is a pain when the DVR changes the view on playback when a different camera detects movement but this time it was useful to see both birds, one inside and the other at the entrance.

There is still hope they will choose this box to nest in.


  1. It is exciting this time of year to see tits prospecting for a new home! Despite the eggs laid by the 'large brown tit' on April 1st... I have had great tits and blue tits poking their head through the hole almost every day. Fingers crossed!

  2. Hope they decide to nest there John. Be great to watch with the camera set-up.

  3. Nice to see the colour showing up so well on the hedgehog video ~ quite a range of eating times ~ it would be interesting to know the routes they take through the neighbourhood.

    I'm pleased to see the birds showing interest in the bird house again...I haven't seen any sign of activity around mine recently, but I'll keep watching.

    Great duck and tadpole photos on your previous posts, as well.


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