Thursday, 1 April 2010


There are two Rookeries that I know of in the village. This one can be seen from the cricket field where we walk most afternoons. It is less than a quarter of a mile from my garden so you can see why so many corvids visit here.

Rookery 1

Later in the year, when they start raising their broods I will take a different route so I can get closer.
This photo was taken with my old Pentax Optio. Only 3.2 mega-pixels with a 3X optical zoom but small enough to put in a shirt pocket. I don't use it a lot as it eats batteries but now I've got into the habit of taking them out when the camera is not is use.


  1. A noisy bunch, but interesting to watch John.

  2. Hello Keith. The Crows are by far the noisiest of the locals. No mistaking when they are about.


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