Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Feed Me - I'm Hungry

The last couple of days have been really noisy. The young Starlings have started to fledge and they all come here to be fed. The only time they are silent is when the parent has its head down the youngster's throat.

I haven't had any food for at least twenty seconds:

Feed Me 1

I can see right down to your tail.

Feed Me 2

Open wider.

Feed Me 3

OK, OK. You don't have to swallow my head.

Feed Me 4

It sounds like they are back again today. Hopefully it won't be too long before they can find their own food - quietly!


  1. Lovely images John, it's lovely to see the birds with their young.

  2. Brilliant photos, John and a great conversation:) They are just as noisy here and the food goes in moments although I think the Sparrowhawk is around again so they will have to be careful!

  3. Thank you Linda. It is great to see the youngsters being fed, even when you need ear plugs ;)

  4. Thank you Jan. That series just cried out for some captions as soon as I saw them. The seed is going fast here also but I have introduced a daily ration to encourage them to find some natural food as well.

    Touch wood the local Sparrowhawk seems to have moved to the churchyard but all that noise must attract its attention.

  5. Amazing close-ups! Good to know that the Birdy Bistro has assisted in producing a new generation, apparent by the description of a chirping choir of cacophonous chaos ;) or something like that...

  6. Oh John this post made me laugh my head off..your house looks just like mine!!!! I can hardly keep up to the suet demand. The parents take it jump down and feed...happens all day long... :))))

  7. Hello Glo. A very apt description of the bird sounds here.

  8. Hello Crista. Pleased you found it amusing. Yes, your description of feeding activity matches mine exactly. The adults hardly get a moment to take a breath.

  9. John
    I know exactly what you mean about earplugs! I tried to sit out in the garden at the weekend and got driven inside due to the din from the starlings, not only were they yelling for food but there was a riot of activity in the shallow end of the pond too, lol

  10. Hello Jane. Thank you for visiting and for leaving a comment. They do like a communal bath but they can't do anything quietly.

  11. You know, some times I really do feel that hungry! and only a big bowl of spaghetti will satisfy! I guess if you are a starling then worms are a good substitute!

  12. Now Matron, don't say you've managed to grow some of Richard Dimbleby's spaghetti trees ;)


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