Saturday, 1 May 2010

Feeding Tadpoles - Resident Hedgehog

If your tadpoles are in a pond with plenty of algae then they will have lots to eat while they are in their vegetarian stage. Mine are in a small nursery pond as the main pond has fish which would probably eat them while they are small. My little pond has plenty of oxygenating plants and a certain amount of blanket weed which is giving a good base for algae to grow.

As there are a lot of tadpoles in there I had a look round to see what extra might be added to their diet. Suggestions I have seen have ranged from bits of marmite sandwich to lettuce leaves. The leaves need softening which can be done by boiling or freezing them. Another suggestion I have seen is to use flaked fish food or floating pond sticks as long as small amounts are used as any which are uneaten can cause the water to become foul.

I had a look round and found I had a small amount of flakes and sticks left over from previous years so decided to see whether the tadpoles would like them. Just a tiny amount was scattered on the water. When I went back a couple of hours later there was a frenzy of activity especially round the floating sticks which had softened nicely.

Tadpoles Love Koi Sticks

It wasn't just the tadpoles which were grateful for a little extra food.

Pond Snails Eat Koi Sticks

It hadn't taken the pond snails long to find it so the tadpoles were getting some strong competition.

Stop Press - Resident Hedgehog

Something made me check the view from the old black and white camera inside the Hedgehog house I installed last Autumn. To date I had been a little disappointed to see that the bedding material had remained in exactly the same position all that time. This morning was different. I could see the hay and dried leaves had moved. On close examination it was possible to see the spiny back of a Hedgehog moving as it breathed.

Not a brilliant video clip from the old board camera but it is possible to see the movement left of centre. Now I will have to be patient to find out if it is a one off event or whether the Hedgehog makes this its permanent nesting area.


  1. Wow John, that's great news about the hog. A fantastic reward for your efforts. Well done.

  2. Hello Keith. Well done the hog for choosing the box! I hope its comfortable then it may continue to use it.

  3. My goodness! Some frenzied activity there John and great captures talking of which, what a great video of the Blackbird on the previous post! You were very creative but also the sound and sight of the Blackbird singing was just wonderful :)

  4. Oops! Forgot to say well done on the hog, it will be great if it stays :)

  5. Hello Jan. First I will pass on some thanks from Rod Lucas. He has just left this comment on the subject of the Rook's throat pouch which you solved for me last April.

    "Thank you John & ShySongbird for the photo and information on those rooks and their pouches. I've noticed the rooks with their 'double chins' in our Suffolk garden but could find no answers to my question in any of our bird books - now I know. Thank you, Rod"

    The tadpoles were going absolutely crazy with the floating sticks. I tried to get some more today but none found locally so I will have to go the the nearest aquatic centre later.

    I really enjoyed putting the Blackbird video together.

    The hog left the box at 8 p.m. but even though I dashed to the kitchen window s/he obviously took a hidden route as there was no hedgehog to be seen.

  6. Wow! Amazing video of the tadpoles enjoying their tasty treat! And a hedgehog in the house at last! I could see it breathing contentedly ... I'm sure it will be back!

    Sorry I haven't commented recently - sometimes life has a way of cutting in to blogworld! Anyway, I have been following your blog postings and enjoyed each one. I was also impressed with the moon/blackbird video. It's so much fun having the technology, time and interest to do such fascinating creations for everyone's enjoyment :)

  7. Hello Glo. No worries re commenting - there are other things in life besides blogging. The tadpoles certainly enjoy their food. No worries about left over food spoiling the water here!

    I enjoyed making the Moon/Blackbird video clip. Hopefully it turned something which was fairly boring visually into something a bit more interesting.

  8. Hi John, I enjoyed your video clips of the Tadpoles and of the Hegdehog using the house. I hope your house will become well used by these prickly creatures. I have plenty of algae in my pond but no Tadpoles. I have given my pond a good clean out because I found five dead frogs in it, they died because the ice on top during our freezing winter was very thick. Three days ago, I saw that I had one frog in my pond (live one!) which is great, hopefully a few more will find my pond.

  9. Hi again John, what fantastic photos and video from your pond. Very nice :-)

    As for the hedgehog seen sleeping in your house during the day, you must have been delighted at last. Great to see your video footage. Thinking I should move mine again but the cables etc are slightly restrictive though as you’ll know yourself.

    Just after reading this earlier today I looked in on my hedgehog house. No change there but I switched past the button to our B&W Nestbox and discovered a bird has been back in there. Don’t’ know if I could cope with following two nestbox families though… nice situation to be in all the same. It has to be too late for this box I’d think. Any late arrivals in your nestboxes?

    Hope you get a regular visitor to your house. That would be good :-D


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