Tuesday, 25 May 2010

First Damsel of the Year

I try to remember to keep an eye on various plants in the pond to see if any damsels or dragons are emerging. I could make out something on one of the stems but it was quite a while before it dawned on me it was an empty larval case and I had missed out this time.

Damselfly larval case

Later in the day I managed to catch a glimpse of a Blue-tailed Damselfly resting by the pond so I assume this is what had emerged from the larval case.

Blue-tailed Damselfly

Plenty of sightings of the Smooth Newts and just one of the many Common Stretch Spiders which build their webs between the various aquatic plants.

Common Stretch Spider

Plenty of coming and going every night on the Hedgehog front but the house remains empty at the moment.

It was a noisy day yesterday as there were young House Sparrows being fed and the first of the young Starlings kept yelling for more and more food.


  1. Thankyou, you have answered my question re. the common stretch spider. I saw one yesterday and wondered at the length of the body. now I know.

  2. Hello John, I'm all behind I'm afraid for all sorts of reasons :( so have just enjoyed catching up with your last few posts.

    I always think there is something quite eerie about those empty larval cases! Lovely to see its emerged occupant.

    Glad the hogs are still visiting, you are very lucky, I haven't seen one for a couple of years and they used to be regular visitors to our garden.

    Lovely too, to see the Video of the Newts and also the Sparrows having a dustbath, I haven't seen them do that for some years.

    Interesting posts as always, John and of course lovely photos and video.

  3. Good spot re the larval case John and lovely to get your first damselfly of the year. I'm really enjoying your hedgehog updates. I was wondering how Bobby is coping with the heat? Best wishes, Linda

  4. Hello Gerry. Glad the photo was of some help.

  5. Hello Jan. You are not the only one getting behind as I am finding time seems to fly by at the moment.

    When I first realised the larval case was empty it almost made the hair on my neck stand up - as you say there is something eerie about them and it is the first I have seen.

  6. Hello Linda. I had wondered for a few years whether the damsels I have seen in the past had come from my pond. This is the first larval case I have seen but at least I know they are using the pond for breeding.

    The hogs appear to be here every night. We saw the two juveniles last night when Bobby went in the garden. He really suffers in the heat, as I do these days, but the newly installed air conditioning unit has done a grand job in the lounge.


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