Friday, 7 May 2010

Friday at the Flicks - I'm Hungry + Hedgehog Meets Magpie

As far as I can see the two young Hedgehogs visit every night and really enjoy their food. In fact they eat as though they hadn't eaten for a fortnight.  This clip was taken with the Hitachi DVD camcorder set to night vision so movement will be a bit blurred.

In the same food dish there are also seeds for the early morning birds. The first to arrive at the moment is a Magpie closely followed by a group of Rooks all trying to fill their throat pouches as fast as they can. At this time when they are probably feeding their young their usual sociable nature becomes a bit strained. It was a pity there is no microphone with that camera so you will have to imagine the squawking and cawing going on.

I was pleased to see that there is a Hedgehog once again sleeping in the Hedgehog House, the first time for three days. I had a look to see at what time the hog entered the box and found this - The Hedgehog arrived for a late night snack and at the same time a Magpie arrived for its early morning feed. A minute or so later the hog made its bed in the house.

Have a great weekend observing the wildlife around you. You never know what is going to happen next.
By the way. I have just heard my first Cuckoo, not just of this Spring but the first I have heard in a few years.


  1. Love that last video John.
    Day shift taking over from the night shift lol

  2. That's just how I thought of it Keith. The Magpie was particularly early. They don't usually arrive for another hour.

  3. A nice set of videos, John. The Magpie and the hog certainly made strange bedfellows... so to speak :)

    Well done on the Cuckoo, I haven't heard or seen one for at least three years, they used to be such a common sight and sound!

  4. Thank you Jan. They do indeed. The Magpie was really early this morning.

    I had to listen carefully as sometimes a particular Collared Dove call can sound something like a Cuckoo but this time the call was definite. As with you they have become very scarce here these past few years. At one time it was a popular 'race' as to who could hear them earliest in the year.

  5. A wonderful set of clips John, I especially enjoyed the last one of the well mannered Magpie and the obliging Hedgehog.

  6. Thank you Linda. I think the Magpie was being very cautious of all those spines ;)


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