Sunday, 23 May 2010

Hedgehog Sumo Wrestling: Round 2

Some times a couple of juvenile hedgehogs meet at the feeder and, with some caution, manage to eat without any problems.

2 Juvenile Hedgehogs

Other times it seems to be a case of instant dislike and the pushing and shoving begins.

I have never seen them try to bite each other which would be quite a problem with all those spines and their little teeth. They just charge and push until one decides that discretion is the better part of valour leaving the victor to the spoils.

Hungry Juvenile Hedgehog

After there being a hog in the hedgehog house four days running it has been empty these past two days. Maybe it gets too hot in the present above average temperatures. It is probably more comfortable under a hedge with a bit of cooling breeze.


  1. Nice video. Did you use flash for the stills? Very good they are.

  2. Thank you Adrian. Yes. 350D + 200mm and flash through the conservatory door with the rubber lens hood tight against the glass to cut out reflections. Photos enhanced a bit with PaintShop Pro.

  3. Adrian is right, the stills are very good. And that video is quite interesting.


  4. Thank you Wilma. It is nice to be able to get a clear shot occasionally. Usually they arrive after I have gone to bed and I have to leave it to the automatic recordings.


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