Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Hedgehogs Inside and Out

Inside their own house that is. One youngster, having eaten earlier, decided to have a nap in the Hedgehog House. At the same time another juvenile arrived for a meal and a drink of water. Later on it was joined by an adult. All was good tempered last night with no sign of them playing at being bulldozers.

What a kerfuffal trying to upload the video. Twice to Flickr only to be told each time that it couldn't be processed. Then tried YouTube and all worked first time. Action will be about double speed as the recorder drops to 12.5 fps when recording two feeds at the same time.


  1. Hi John, it is great to see all the hedgies coming to visit you and that they are all on best behaviour too ! Your in-house cam had a wonderful view where one saw the youngster coming in and sussing out the best position to kip down and at the same time, one could make out the other hedgie moving around outside - it was really rather sweet.

  2. Hello Twosie. There does seem to be a lot of hog activity on and off this year and it is nice that some use is being made of the house.


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