Monday, 17 May 2010

Recovering from the Winter

One of my small Acer trees took a real hit this past Winter. I was beginning to think I had lost it altogether. This is what it looked like in May 2009:


At first glance this year it looked as though there was only one tiny bit which was still living but it hasn't quite given up the struggle for life just yet:

New Shoots

Though the end of the branches had been frozen enough to kill them off and only one new leaf has grown there are lots of new shoots sprouting as can be seen on the inset photo. Hopefully with a bit of TLC it will eventually make a good recovery.


  1. Your poor tree has been hit rather hard by the Winter weather but I have a feeling it will eventually recover well judging by all those buds.

    I've got behind again :( but I very much enjoyed the video of the singing Blackbird on an earlier post, such a lovely sound! I also enjoyed hearing the bats.

    Great Squirrel pose on the previous post and a lovely collage of your wild flowers.

  2. I think a lot of plants and animals took a big hit this winter.
    I reckon your Acer will pull through though John.

  3. Hello Jan. The new shoots just managed to survive the last frost so I think it may just make it.

    I seem to be getting further behind now the weather is better for being out in the fresh air.

  4. Very true Keith. I have a few other plants which were cut right back by the severe weather but are managing to start again.

  5. My Indian Bean tree seems to have suffered, I noticed yesterday that all the buds have been burnt by the cold weather. Our Ceonothus has died. There are some winners and some losers after the cold winter we had.

  6. Hello Linda. I had to look up the Indian Bean Tree as I have not heard of that before. I think I may have lost a couple more dwarf trees but I will give them a while longer to see whether they recover.


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