Friday, 1 October 2010

Friday at the Flicks - House Sparrows, Great and Blue Tits

What a washout most of this week has been. Yesterday was the only decent sunny day. On all the others it rained. According to my weather station it rained on  sixteen days in September giving a total of 2.31 inches.

House Sparrows gleaning scattered seed on the lawn and then competing with the Starlings at the fat ball feeder:

Here the peanuts  are the least favoured food. Maybe it's because they have to work a bit harder to peck pieces off but occasionally the Great Tits and Blue Tits are prepared to put in the effort.

Have a great weekend watching the antics of the wildlife around you.


  1. Glad I was back in a reception area for this John

  2. I enjoy seeing all the little birds you have around the feeders. Those sparrows certainly know what they want and get it quite aggressively too.
    I don't like the idea of all those days of rain - much rather have your total rain for the month come down in one or two good showers of heavy topical rain as it usually does here in "Sunny Queensland".

  3. The fat ball feeder looks like a carnival ride; I almost got seasick watching. And the fat ball disappeared before our very eyes ...

    great flicks!

  4. They certainly have to work hard for the nuts.
    Have a good weekend John.

  5. Hi John - some lovely footage of the birds - if it makes you feel better we've also had extremely wet and stormy weather for the last week in France too - certainly brings all the birds to the garden in hope.. our nuthatch is still coming along and I've noticed a number of Chiffcaff recently which has been exciting as I've not seen them here before. Have a good weekend Miranda

  6. Hello Mick. That was the first time I have seen house sparrows eat at the same time as the starlings. They can be feisty little critters at times.

    A lot of the time it has just been miserable drizzle which doesn't look much but still soaks everything and everybody.

  7. It does disappear very fast some days Wilma.

  8. I will Keith. At least today was sunny here.

  9. Thank you Miranda. I heard Chiffchaffs on most of our morning walks in the Summer but have yet to see one.


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