Monday, 18 October 2010

Macro on Monday - Guess What

As always we first have a look at last week's puzzle alongside the complete object:

rectangle_New-Out99999   Ichneumon Wasp

It was one of the antennae of an Ichneumon parasitic wasp. The colour may have fooled some as the light source was below the wasp and shining through the antenna.

Adrian and Simon definitely went for an antenna so deserve a silver star while Wilma and Glo hedged their bets between a leg or an antenna - so deserve a bronze star.

This week the photo is a macro taken with the 350D with bellows.


Clue: I need my daily boost of Potassium.
No prizes, just a bit of fun.


  1. Well, I'm as baffled as ever :) and can't work out whether you are referring to yourself in the clue or to the mystery object, if the former, the only thing I can think of is a banana! Which doesn't seem a very likely subject and you are probably rolling round the floor in hysterics at the suggestion :) Otherwise I am stumped!

  2. OK here goes - my guess is a banana with a mark in the shape of a turtle. LOL

  3. Missed this on Monday. Must have been all the driving. It's a brown splodge on a peeled banana.

  4. ...but on second thought, it looks nothing like a banana so I'm going to suggest a winter squash (with the markings of a turtle)...

  5. Thanks Jan, Adrian and Glo for having a go.


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