Wednesday, 6 October 2010

October Colour in the Garden

The weather seems to have settled to a routine of  wet and dry days.  This is a screen shot from Cumulus, a shareware program, showing the rainfall in inches for the past thirty days as measured by my weather station. Doesn't seem much in total but many days it was fine drizzle which is just as good at soaking things as a decent downpour. Some of the smaller graphs show changes for the past 24hrs.

Weather 2010-10-06

At least yesterday was fine enough to get the grass cut and have a look round to see what colour was left in the garden. There was a reasonable variety but only the occasional plant of each type in flower plus a few fungi to brighten things up a bit.

October in the Garden


  1. Lovely collage John.

  2. Agreeing that it is a great way to display your splashes of October colour in the garden. We are fortunate to have had a few days straight of sunny weather, with temps in the high teens and low 20's. Perfect fall weather. It was a good chance to get the grass cut here as well.

  3. Thank you Glo. The weather here is improving at last. High pressure building which promises a warm, dry, bright weekend.

  4. A lovely selection of flowers, your garden has a lot more colour and interest than mine does at the moment!

  5. Hi Jan. They are far and few between and I have to look hard to spot them!

  6. Hello again John, interesting to see your rain charts there. It’s been on and off here but nice at the same time.

    Yes, know what you mean about searching out flowers. Is that chives (2nd row, middle) I see in flower? I’ll have to take a look at mine now :-)

    Love the lanterns… very Halloween. I should grow them. It’s my daughter’s birthday then ;-)

    Enjoy Autumnwatch tonight :-D

  7. Hello Shirl. You are correct. That is a chive flower. I think some plants are confused. One Chinese Lantern plant has lost its lanterns and is producing more flowers. My strawberries in the greenhouse are producing flowers and the dwarf standard rose, on the right of the chives, also has new flowers.
    I grow the lanterns in containers as I believe they can spread.
    Thanks for the reminder. I must set up the recorder for Autumn Watch then I can zip through the silly conversations I find so annoying.


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