Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Red is the Colour


Red as the breast of a Robin
Red as the petals of a rose
Red as the rays of the evening sun
Red as a firelight glows
Red as your lips raised to mine
Red as a glass of red rich wine
Red as the dress you wore
When you promised to be mine

Thelma S. Pierce McBurney

The above poem was found on the Poem Hunter site

When I was looking round the garden while catching up on some Autumn pruning and weeding yesterday I saw just how much red was in evidence.

A somewhat fuzzy picture of a Robin Redbreast who wouldn't stay still.
Robin Redbreast

My dwarf standard rose has decided it is time for a new flush of flowers.
Red Rose

It was not the only plant to decide that, in spite of the weather, it must be Spring.

Although some leaves on the Strawberry plants in the greenhouse are turning red...
Strawberry Leaf

... they are also producing new flowers and fruit.
Strawberry Fruit
As are some of the Raspberries in the fruit cage.

Who am I to argue that they have got their seasons all muddled up. At least it means I still have some fresh fruit to enjoy.

Just occasionally we get a bit of colour in the sky at Sunset. If only someone would demolish the telephone pole - but then I would lose my internet connection. Ah well, you can't win them all.

Sunset Clouds

Yesterday was cool but gloriously sunny. Today we are back to normal though the rain did hold off until we had returned from our early morning walk.


  1. What a lovely collection of pictures, John.

  2. Those raspberries look good John.

    Got rain here too. Typical English weather lol

  3. Hi John, I red (misspelling intended!) and enjoyed your red post very much :) What with roses blooming and new fruit growing it really does look like Summer still where you are!

    The fruit looks delicious and that was a lovely sky photo.

    We too had lovely sunshine all day yesterday but today is wet, wet, wet!

  4. Thank you Emma. There were a lot more plants with red leaves.

  5. I need to get them picked Keith - then I'll let you know whether the Autumn crop tastes a good as the Summer ones ;)

    Looks like we have rain right through to about 10 p.m..

  6. Pleased you enjoyed it Jan. Possibly the fruit cage is sheltered from the worst of the cold winds though the black currants and fruit trees have now lost their leaves.

  7. Nice to see kicks of strong colour in the garden like this, John. We've some reds too.

    We've been seeing Robin visits too over the last few days. Pity I'm not putting any food out for the birds just now. I'm sure it'll find plenty of insects hiding in the foliage of my plants.

    Like Jan, I was delighted to hear of your Tree Sparrow visits. I loved seeing them in my garden a few times last winter. That was a treat :-)

  8. Oh, a poem to go with your lovely fall images. After reading your post, I went outside to see what colours I could see, and you are so right! Many splashes of red! I took some photos but haven't downloaded them yet, and have some other photos to post first. I'm with on the frustration with power lines in the viewfinder! Some areas have them underground which would be most helpful to photographers! I love your pink clouds, and the fruit looks like it would just hit the spot.

  9. I was quite surprised when I really looked Shirl. These was more colour than I expected, nearly all shades of red.

    The Robins seem to have started visiting again. I am sure they can find plenty of food for themselves.

  10. There really are so many different shades of red about Glo. The new houses connected to that pole have underground cables but all the older properties, like mine, have overhead wires. I remember the first cabled television with thick wires overhead everywhere - what a mess that was.


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