Sunday, 24 October 2010

Rove Beetle

After a wet morning and evening I was almost certain to meet something on the path when Bobby went out for his last wander round the garden before bedtime. Sure enough there it was - a black beetle scurrying along. It froze as soon as it felt my footsteps and luckily for me, and for you, it stayed in the same place long enough for me to fetch the Lumix and take a few photos.

Rove Beetle:
Rove Beetle 1

Rove Beetle 2

There are many different types of Rove Beetle. This one was about 20mm long. One thing which distinguishes them from other beetles is the short elytra - the hard covering over the wings. It is so short that they are able to curve their bodies up like a scorpion when threatened. They don't sting but can give a painful bite. Unlike many other beetles I have found in my garden they belong to the good guys as they feed on smaller insects, some of which are pests on crops.

More details of this successful (having been around for a good 200 million years) beetle can be found on the Just Green web site HERE.


  1. becoming very productive are your nocturnal excursions. Super shots, thanks.

  2. Thank you Adrian. It helps when the beast co-operates.


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