Saturday, 9 October 2010

Too Much Excitement for One Day

Just went to the kitchen to make a cup of tea and looked to see the Goldfinches feeding. What was that on the ground? Several male chaffinches? No. Too much colour. The Canon was in the other room but fortunately the Camcorder is always set up by the window so I managed a couple of seconds of video before they were spooked and flew away. Later I identified them as a group of about six Brambling. I had not seen even a single one before and now I had a small group.

I have slowed the video down to a quarter speed as the clip was so short and it starts with a still from the video.

Managed to get a quick shot when one returned.

Brambling 1

Still very overcast with poor lighting conditions.


  1. Excellent John. Always good to see new birds, especially ones like these.
    I've only ever seen a couple in my life.
    Let's hope they become regulars to the bistro.

  2. Hello Keith. It certainly got me excited, especially as they kept coming back and I could see females and males and possibly a juvenile.

  3. Well what a morning you are having! Of course they do say things come in threes so I will keep an eye on my sidebar just in case :)

    What a treat, first the influx of gulls and then the Bramblings! About two years ago, in the Winter. I looked out of my window and there was a large number of them feeding on the ground with Chaffinches. They returned to the garden every day for weeks and weeks, needless to say it was before I had a camera and I haven't seen even one since :(

    Well done, I hope they return. They mentioned on Autumnwatch, on Thursday, that there could be
    some around.

  4. Nice shooting John, I haven't seen any of these for a while now.

  5. Quite a start to the day Jan, especially after a very bleak period for weather and bird spotting. I guess this group has recently arrived for the Winter. My bird guide says they can often be found alongside Chaffinches. I hope you get some again soon now you have a camera.

    I'll keep a sharp eye out for the third thing ;)

  6. Thank you Roy. It was a very pleasant surprise. I imaging the chances of sightings depends where they arrive along the coast.

  7. John I've never seen one so you are the lucky one. Tell me about the light it is awful in Lincolnshire. you did well with that picture.

  8. What an amazing morning ~ by now it will be evening there, so I wonder if you saw any other wonders during the day! I've never seen or heard of those particular type of birds before. How exciting to see some new types in your garden.

  9. Hello Adrian - welcome to Yellow Belly country. Today has been awful. This afternoon I could only just make out the spire of St. James' church in Louth and the Wolds were hidden in mist / low cloud. Max temp here was about 14C but felt much colder.
    The met office site still forecasts sunshine for tomorrow.

  10. Hello Glo. Things settled back to normal for the rest of the day though a few Brambling kept visiting from time to time. Probably resting and putting weight back on. I assume they have recently crossed the North Sea.

  11. Brilliant John, I envy you this one. Maybe one day :-)

  12. Hello Shirl. Pure luck / chance that they landed here. They only stayed two days presumably to build up their strength before moving inland.


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