Thursday, 23 June 2011

Another Juvenile in the Garden - Moorhen

I don't know where they are all coming from but it is getting more interesting in my garden by the day. This afternoon it was what I am pretty sure is a juvenile Moorhen. According to my reference books it should be as it is lacking the bright red to the top of the beak.

At first it was wandering round the bottom end of the garden.

Juvenile Moorhen

Then on two occasions I spotted it going for a swim in my garden pond:

Juvenile Moorhen in my Garden Pond

I tried taking the video recorder outside but it decided to go and hide. I don't know what Bobby is going to make of it when he goes outside but I guess he will scare it away.


  1. I can see a bigger pond being required. Could have been a flock of geese.

  2. Magical Midmarsh!!! If I saw one in my garden I would know I was dreaming, well done John :)

  3. Hello Adrian. It has taken quite a shine to the pond having investigated every corner, had a bath and a few swims round. I read they they can become tame so it could become a permanent resident.

  4. Hello Jan. So far it just finds somewhere to hide when either of us go out in the garden. Then it eventually returns to the pond.

  5. Hi John,
    I would love to see a Moorhen in my garden and to spot a juvenile is great!I agree with Adrian above, you will have to get your spade out and excavate a bigger pond! ;)
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  6. Hello John. I was lucky enough to have an adult visit for a short while about a year ago. There is a natural pond less than a quarter of a mile away so I guess they came from there.

    Funny old world - everything went very quiet and boring after the Great Tits fledged. Now suddenly things are happening again.

  7. Hello again John, just brilliant! I have to say I like this even more than the woodpecker :-)

    What an absolute delight this will be to see if it becomes a regular. I hope it does :-)

  8. Hello Shirl. It was very interesting while it lasted. It has now moved on. :(


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