Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Another Night of Snuffling

Once again at bedtime the two Hedgehogs were on the feeding area and once again they took no notice of Bobby or myself. As last night Mrs. H was totally engrossed in scoffing the dried mealworms while Mr H kept up the 'walk round in circles and nose touching' routine.

One of the rare occasions where you can see how long a Hedgehog's legs are.
Snuffling Hedgehogs 3

I managed to take several photos and some video clips.  Not the easiest of things one handed as I was holding on to Bobby's collar with the other. He wouldn't attack but was desperate for a closer look at his spiky friends.

Snuffling Hedgehogs 5
At one stage three was a crowd when another Hedgehog appeared. As soon as Mr H noticed the intruder was sent on his way with lots of loud squeals - from which I'm not exactly sure as they were out of sight at that moment. Once the intruder had been sent back under the fence to next door's garden Mr H went back to the serious business of courting his chosen mate. Not that she seemed the slightest interested though there was no aggression from either of them.

Snuffling Hedgehogs 4

We spent about 20 minutes watching from about 2 metres away. In the end Mr H hurried off and was followed by Mrs H who seemed to go chasing after him.

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  1. Word is spreading about the food, by the looks of it John.
    A great sight to see.


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