Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Daytime Meteor Shower.

Today and tomorrow is the peak activity from the Arietid meteor shower. Most of them arrive during daylight hours but if you are an early bird some can be seen about 45 minutes before sunrise. This shower can be seen in both hemispheres and details can be found on the spaceweather site HERE.

During the day you can listen to them on the spaceweather radio site HERE. There is an audio feed from  the USAF radar in Texas. You will hear a lot of white noise with the occasional ping as the radar signal is reflected back from a meteor entering the atmosphere.

Great Tit Babies.

Recently Ma GT has had difficulties sleeping in the nest with four fidgety babies and usually ended up balanced on the rim of the nest. Last night she must have slept elsewhere as the babies were left alone. I was slightly worried in case Ma had had an accident and was relieved to see her return this morning to tidy up the nest and feed the youngsters.

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  1. It must have been a bit worrying when you realised Mrs GT took the night off! So glad all is well.

    I am completely puzzled by Monday's macro ;)


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