Friday, 3 June 2011

Friday at the Flicks - Feeding Time for Starlings and Great Tits

I thought that the brat pack (Adult and Juvenile Starlings) had largely moved on but they were back again yesterday. The two inch mesh round the bird table is just large enough for Starlings to get inside. Even though some of the youngsters can pick up their own food they still expect to be fed by the parent.

I have tried a few times to film the parent Great Tits arriving at the nest box. The female usually flies straight to the entrance but the male normally stops a couple of times which gave me a chance to capture a bit of video. The outside sections of the video are at half speed as things happen so fast.

Have a great weekend observing the wildlife around you. Writing about observing wildlife reminds me that for UK residents there is an RSPB "Make Your Nature Count" week starting tomorrow.

As with the Big Garden Birdwatch the RSPB is requesting that we spend one hour any time in the next week counting the birds which land in our gardens. They also want to know about other wild creatures which visit our gardens, not the numbers of them, just the fact that they visit. Full details can be found HERE on the RSPB site.


  1. Great videos again John. What a rabble the Starlings are! I put half a coconut shell filled with suet etc. out the other day and they demolished it in no time :)

    Lovely to see the Great Tit action. Those poor parents will be exhausted when the youngsters are fully fledged!

  2. Thank you Jan. When too many Starlings arrive at once I put the largest feeder away for an hour or so.


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