Monday, 6 June 2011

Macro on Monday - Guess What

Last week's puzzle picture appears to have been more difficult than I anticipated. There were a couple of winners of the virtual gold stars. Well done Wilma. Yes it was a zip fastener. A good job you didn't change your mind completely Jan as your first thought was correct. The bit in the corner was part of the bit you pull to zip / unzip. The actual item was a case which held an LED torch.

rectangle_New-Out99994    P1010629

Hopefully this weeks macro will be easier:
Guess What:

Clue: No ice cream in this one.

No Prizes. Just for fun.

Great Tit Nest Update.
It cannot be long now before the babies leave the nest. It is certainly getting crowded in there and it is probably a good job the other two eggs didn't hatch.

Still from the video camera:
Four Baby Great Tits


  1. Sorry I missed last week's guess. The pink kind of threw me ;) I thought it was some kind of zippered closure, but I wasn't about to suggest you went walkies carrying a pink purse ;) LOL

    This week's macro looks like a cone, but what kind I'm not sure.

    Your babies look so sweet all cuddled up, and I read your previous post where poor mum could hardly find room with all the fluttery bodies!
    Fascinating stuff.

  2. a seed cone of some kind is my guess.

    hard to believe how quickly the GT chicks are growing; what a nestfull they are!

    (still can't comment while logged in)

  3. I would have said it looks like a globe artichoke, but your clue leads me towards a green pine cone?


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