Monday, 13 June 2011

Macro on Monday - Guess What

Congratulations and virtual gold stars to Glo, Wilma and Matron who recognised the close shot of a cone. I am not sure of the variety. I do know the tree was bought by previous owners of the property next door as a Christmas Tree many years ago. At the end of the festive season it was planted in the garden.

P1020559    Cones

How will you get on with this one I wonder.
Guess what:
yellow 2

Clue: Come to the butterfly ball.

Great Tit Update.
Glancing out of the kitchen window early this morning I was rewarded with a short glimpse of an adult Great Tit being followed by three youngsters. They are already strong accomplished fliers. I wonder if the fourth youngster was with the other adult. I hope so.


  1. I'll guess Chrysanthemum. Bout time I got one right. Glad the Great tits are still about.

  2. I think it is Buddleia globosa John. I seem to remember that you do have it in your garden and and I know the butterflies and bees will definitely attend the 'ball' :)

    How silly of me! I kept looking at your clue last week and thinking it sounded like a cone but that it was the wrong colour for an ice cream cone. I just didn't connect it to a pine cone, duh!! :)

  3. I'm blank with the picture lol

    Good news about the fledglings though. Let's hope the fourth is ok too.

  4. I think ShySongbird knows what she's talking about, so I'll agree with her :)

  5. buddliea flower was my guess before I saw Jan's guess - she spells better than I do!



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