Thursday, 1 November 2012

Crane Fly

Very little of note going on here recently. Not as many birds visiting as I would have expected once the temperature had dropped though there are plenty of sparrows and a group of Goldfinches visiting every day. On top of that the light levels have been abysmal with all the heavy cloud cover.

This morning there was a Crane Fly, Daddy Longlegs, on the outside of the kitchen window which gave me my first photo opportunity for several days.



Taken with the Lumix TZ7 lens touching the inside glass of the double glazed window.


  1. Peering twixt the long legs, I see a verdant lawn, from all the rain no doubt. I'm always amazed at the delicate lacy pattern and structure of wings. On the second shot close up, the crane fly appears to be wearing a crown :) Great detail!

    1. Thank you Glo.
      Definitely a surfeit of rain. Will the grass ever stop growing this year?

  2. Great shots John, the outside walls of my old school used to be literally covered in them in the Autumn. While other girls squealed at them I was always fascinated :-) The ones I'm talking about always rested with wings outstretched though so yours must be a slightly different type I think.

    It looks like you have a fair bit of grass to keep you busy with the mower.

    1. Thank you Jan. The mower has been running hot this year.


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