Monday, 19 November 2012

Macro on Monday - Guess What

gold star

Two Gold Stars awarded for last week's Guess What. Adrian for correctly identifying Lichen and Bonnie for saying some sort of fungi and a Lichen is a combination of a fungus and algae (see British Lichens, What are Lichens?). Well done both of you.

2012-11-12 14.14.30x.jpg

P1040270 Lichen.jpg

I wonder how you will get on with this week's Guess What.

2012-11-19 09.47.22.jpg
iPhone4 using Camera+ app and add on macro lens

Clue: Was it Blackbirds or Starlings whot done it?

No prizes, just for fun.


When I am building my electronic projects I usually end up with a rats nest of wiring. I couldn't resist taking this shot of a BT engineer working on the phone line junction box opposite my bungalow. How do they ever work out which wire goes to which building? Makes me wonder how I manage to get up to 7Mbits download through copper wire.

P1040278 BT.jpg

Still - as long as it keeps working!


  1. Baked fruit, perhaps apple? baked in a pie.

  2. Is it what remains of a fallen apple John?
    A random guess!
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  3. I'm finding some of these very tricky lately John, probably completely wrong but my guess is perhaps part of an apple? If so maybe you will attract a Fieldfare or Redwing or even a Waxwing before long. I am spearing apples on to my trees as I do every Winter for that reason, never managed a Waxwing yet though.

    I wouldn't want to be up that pole let alone trying to sort out the spaghetti :-)

  4. It's a bit of fish and chips batter. (made me hungry)
    They are not colour blind and if you strip a bit of phone cable it gives no end of posh colour covered wire.
    Copper wire crystallizes or so as I was told by a Merchant Marine radio bloke and should be replaced every five years or so. I guess that is what he's up to up his pole. The poles now have a date on and have to be replaced along with the wires.


Thank you for visiting. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Any comment, or correction to any information or identification I get wrong, is most welcome. John

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