Monday, 26 November 2012

Macro on Monday - Guess What

gold star
Three correct guesses for last week's Guess What. Congratulations and virtual gold stars go to Bonnie, John and Jan for thinking it was part of an apple. It was what was left after several Starlings had had their fill.

2012-11-19 09.47.22.jpg

2012-11-19 09.47.57.jpg  

I sliced off the top of the apple to make it easier for the birds to get started. The Starlings rapidly ate the soft inner and eventually the circle of skin that was left dropped off leaving the core.

A man made object for the new mystery object...
Guess What:

2012-11-26 11.03.29.jpg
iPhone4 with add on macro lens

Clue: It's not getting any use in this weather.
No prizes. Just for fun.


  1. It hit me all of a sudden. It's a clothes pin. And it definitely is not being used here in NS.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you for visiting and leaving your guess Jopan.

  3. A Clothes peg.....I hope my track record isn't the best.

  4. Clothes pin? Probably not being used too much for hanging out clothes these days with all the rain!

  5. PS. Last weeks still looks like a bit of battered cod to me.

    1. Oh Adrian. I can guess what you think about all day. I thought Penny was the only food vacuum cleaner I knew :>)

  6. definitely clothespin! definitely! i grew up in wisconsin in the northern us. we used those even in winter time, hanging sheets and towels on the line in freezing weather. it helped them dry quicker, but made it very difficult to bring them back inside to finish drying. :)

    1. I can imagine them freezing solid TexWisGirl, just like in a comedy sketch.

  7. That would be a wooden clothes peg, John :-)


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