Monday, 12 November 2012

Macro on Monday - What's That?

Oh dear. Last week's What's That must have been a lot more difficult than I anticipated so the Gold Star has stayed snugly tucked up in the safe for another week. No one managed to work out that it was a part view of a snail shell....



Obvious now you can see the original shot.

I wonder how you will get on with the new mystery macro shot.
Guess What:

2012-11-12 14.14.30x.jpg
iPhone4 with mini microscope attachment
More of this about than usual with all the dull damp weather.

No prizes, just for fun.


How many people buy the Daily Express I wonder. If so they must be gluttons for bad news. Each day I have a look at the front pages of many UK dailies on the 'frontpagestoday' web site. It appears to me that the Express deserves a gold star for frequently having the gloomiest front page. Today the banner headline is a weather forecast. We are in for temperatures down to -15C by the end of the month with two weeks of "freezing misery". At least I have got my shoe spikes ready. In fact I have had to use then twice already this Autumn and Penny has worn her nice padded waterproof coat.


  1. I will have my twopeneth...Lichen.

  2. I think the worst online paper has to be the Mail.
    I stopped buying newspapers years ago.

    No idea what the picture is, other than some sort of fungi.

  3. Well, the poor ol' snail looks like it may have been smooshed between wire netting ;)

    Although I don't have a pond to check, I'm guessing that the macro is pond weed.


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