Sunday, 25 November 2012

Weird Visitor Statistics

Occasionally I check the HiStats statistics. Today it was showing an unheard of, for me anyway, 597 visitors of which 555 are new. Something strange here. Normally I would only see a handful.


The majority of this large number are shown to have come through goo which appears to be a Google system for shortening URLs and more than a few through gemscool which seems to be connected with an Indonesian games site. All these visits accessed only one page.


Looking at the geolocations shown most appear to have come from Mountain View in the US (nearly 500).


I'm not sure whether HiStats is playing silly beggars or what.
A DoS attack on Blogger?

Jan put me on the right track. Google is located in Mountain View and searching elsewhere showed that Midmarsh Jottings is hosted in Mountain View so I guess it was some internal goings on between the Google search engine and Blogspot. I wonder if anyone else using HiStats has seen a similar occurrance.


  1. That seems odd! I have a feeling Google have their main headquarters at Mountain View so there may be some relevance there.

    1. You are correct Jan. Also I think Google own Blogger so it must be their own system doing some automatic information gathering - or it's having a nervous breakdown.

  2. Replies
    1. It was strange, Roy, to get so many for whatever reason.

  3. I get a few from Mountain View, about 5 or so a day.


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